Duo concert with Seamus Blake

A few days ago I had the honor of playing a duo concert with the fantastic musician and good friend Seamus Blake. Here’s a short clip:

I really hope we can do this again sometime, and I look forward to continue playing with Seamus in the quintet BRIDGES going on a European tour in two weeks:

Sept 6: Urijazz, Tønsberg (NO)
Sept 8: Bergen Jazzforum (NO)
Sept 9: Voss (NO)
Sept 11: The Vortex, London (UK)
Sept 12: Ronnie Scotts, London (UK)
Sept 13: Jazz Evidence, Kongsberg (NO)
Sept 14: Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo (NO)
Sept 15: Jazz Colmar (FR)


Espen Berg & TJO – success at Molde Int’l Jazz Festival

I had a fantastic week at Molde Jazz Festival, working with some of the greatest musicians from this part of the world – absolutely nailing my music, in addition to being awesome persons. The premiere of “MAETRIX” was a huge success, described as “a work for the eternity” and receiving overwhelming reviews. More importantly, the atmosphere in the concert hall was crazy: totally packed, both listening intensely and celebrating vocally together with us on stage. What a joy it was, and I REALLY look forward to touring with this extremely expensive and superb band in October!

Photo and videos by André Løyning

EBT & Silje Nergaard – JAPAN TOUR 2017

I september slipper Espen Berg Trio sin andre plate, «Bølge», det japanske plateselskapet Blue Gleam. Plateslippet markeres med en lanseringsturné i Japan i november, der låtskriver og vokalist Silje Nergaard er med som gjesteartist. Sammen gjør de seks konserter denne turneen:


Konsertene vil by på musikk signert både Espen og Silje. Trioen spiller Espens rytmisk intrikate komposisjoner med overskudd, temperament og eleganse. Dette kommer også til syne i møte med Silje og hennes sterke og tidløse melodier, som vil gjendiktes i friske nye versjoner når kvartetten står på scenen i Japan.

EBT består av Espen Berg (piano, komposisjoner), Bárður Reinert Poulsen (bass) og Simon Albertsen (trommer). Trioen ga ut albumet «Mønster» på Blue Gleam i 2015, og JAZZ JAPAN beskrev EBT som «den beste og viktigste musikkoppdagelsen i første halvdel av 2016». Silje Nergaard toppet de japanske hitlistene med debutalbumet «Tell Me Where You’re Going» – en bragd som har ført til jevnlig turnering i Japan, og som nå tar form i et nytt samarbeid med en ung, innovativ og uredd trio.


In September Espen Berg Trio will release their second album, «Bølge», on the Japanese label Blue Gleam. To promote this new album the trio will do a release tour in November, and the Norwegian singer and composer Silje Nergaard will join them as a guest artist. Together they will do six concerts in Japan.

The concerts will consist of music written by both Espen and Silje. The trio plays Espen’s rhythmically intricate compositions with surplus energy, temper and elegance. This will also be apparent when teaming up with Silje in Japan to play her strong and well known melodies, rearranged in fresh new versions.

Espen Berg Trio, New Album

I just finished recording a new album with my trio in the legendary Rainbow Studio in Oslo. Jan Erik Kongshaug did his magic as usual, and captured every tiny detail of our playing with sonic perfection.

This album will be released later this year, but in the meantime we’ll have teasers and videos up and running shortly. Enjoy the photos taken by André Løyning (saftflaske.no).

Trondheim Jazz Orchestra

Yeah, so it’s been a few months since I wrote anything on this page. There’s a good reason for that. I started composing the music for Trondheim Jazz Orchestra commissioned by Molde Jazz Festival in August 2016, and it’s still an ongoing process. Writing an hour long concert for 14 exceptional musicians means lots of work, but it’s really an amazing privilege to be in this situation.

It’s all en route, and I just returned from Oslo where the rhythm section met for the very first rehearsals. I wasn’t sure that some of the music would even be playable, but now I’m 100% sure I picked the right musicians for this project! They nailed it all, and it sounds really good already. I’m extremely inspired and motivated to write the rest of the music, and in May we will have the first tutti rehearsals. EXCITING!!

In addition to composing music, I will also do a lot of touring this spring. With Hildegunn Øiseth Quartet, Andreas Håkestad and MiNensemblet – “Himmellys”, with Espen Berg Trio and with Marja Mortensson/Katarina Barruk/Daniel Herskedal/Stian Lundberg. We’re recording our second album with Espen Berg Trio in April, and there’s some really great news for autumn 2017 coming up soon!

JazZtipendiat 2016

I had the greatest honor of being given one of Norway’s most acknowledged jazz prizes, “JazZtipendiatet”, at Molde Int’l Jazz Festival 2016. The prize is worth half a million Norwegian kroner and they will be used to produce a concert with Trondheim Jazz Orchestra featuring music composed by me, which will premiere in Molde July 2017.

First concert of our Japan Tour sold out!

Espen Berg Trio played a very successful concert at Il Ritmo delle Città in Milan yesterday, and today we received some good news from our promoter and label in Japan, Blue Gleam: Our very first concert in Japan is already sold out! This concert takes place in central Tokyo, in Musashino Swing Hall. 180 persons will attend our Japan debut, and we’re greatly looking forward to kick start our tour in this way.

I have also been given some updated information regarding our concert at NHK, part of the “Session 2016” series: This will be a one and a half hour long concert and interview, which will be broadcasted nationwide in Japan twice.