New Solo CD

25th and 26th of May I recorded my second solo CD in the magnificent concert hall at RDAM, Copenhagen. Marc Casanovas at NorCat Lyd did the engineering and produced the recordings together with me.


I’m mixing the CD these days, and it’s a joy to be working with such high quality recordings. The music was captured in 24bit/96khz with eight microphones: DPA, Sennheiser and Neumann. Two of the mics were used to record the ambience of the concert hall, which means that no artificial reverb is used on the CD. Only in certain occasions as an effect, but other than that it’s all natural sound. The two ambient tracks are meant to be used for a surround production, and hopefully I’ll be able to release the CD in a surround edition in addition to a regular stereo production.


I also recorded several tracks with video, so you can expect videos to appear on YouTube soon. This is certainly a more ambitious recording than “Noctilucent”, and I’m really pushing the limits of what I’m able to do with the piano. I really look forward to show you the end result!