Updated reviews of Acres of Blue

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to get an incredibly nice review of my latest album by Eyal Hareuveni at All About Jazz. A brief summary of the reviews so far:

Evocative, nuanced stories of dreamy, almost super natural landscapes. Another great work of a true master of the piano.
Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz, 03.03.14

Gorgeous solo recording by pianist Berg, who doesn’t leave an inch of any song uncovered by at least a melodic trace. It’s his second solo effort. Noctilucent, his first, was no less beautiful, but this new session just seems to have a larger presence.
– Dave Summer, Emusic, 14.02.14 

Espen Berg’s confirmed belonging to the group of top pianists of his generation, within the divisions of modern jazz- and classical informed music.
– Terje Mosnes, Dagbladet, 05.02.14

With his debut album “Noctilucent” in 2012, Espen Berg appeared as a solo pianist of high rank. With “Acres of Blue” he’s defending his place among the great masters.
– Roald Helgheim, Dagsavisen, 01.02.14

This is open-minded, dreamy and beautiful music. […] To summarize, this is a new rock solid solo album from Espen Berg: Not flamboyant in any way, but delicious, attentive and pretty much epic in its quiet way.
– Geir Vestad, Hamar Arbeiderblad, 30.01.14

From the first note played it’s easy to hear that Berg is a pianist on an internationally high level. He masters all of the instruments many neuances – from the quiet, slow and rich sounding notes to the rapid and powerful passages.
– Trygve Lundemo, Adresseavisen, 11.02.14


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